Outwest Partners With Eden Reforestation Projects

Outwest Partners With Eden Reforestation Projects

Outwest Clothing is delighted to share that we are now partnered with Eden Reforestation Projects. The Eden Reforestation Project works with local communities to resotre landscapes and facilitate tree planting. Currently the site we are supporting is in Ethiopia. The area that Eden are focusing their work on in Ethiopia is in the Dawuro Zone which is located in the heart of the Omo Valley. 

We are happy to share that since mid summer we have helped plant over 16,000 trees at Eden's site in Ethiopia. The work goes far beyond tree palnting to include land restoration & agroforestry which helps with food security in the Dawuro area. 

As part of Eden Reforestations work in Ethiopia, they have identified Farmer Managed Natural Regeneration (FMNR), and seedling nurseries as the primary restoration methods for this region. Using these methods to reforest the Dawuro zone will help address the devastation deforestation has had on the area, such as decreased water resources, increased landslides, and degraded landscapes.

At Outwest we are aware of the impact that companies and people have on the environment. So we made a decision to ensure that Outwest has a positive impact and we use our business as a force for good when and where we can. 

We chose to assist with land restoration in Ethiopia as there is a history of slash-and-burn agricultural practices, charcoal production, and general overexploitation of forest resources which have contributed significantly to the degradation of Ethiopia’s forest habitats. Plus, most communities in these rural regions rely directly on the land to meet their daily needs, such as food, water, and shelter. As forests continue to disappear, the less these communities are able to survive off the land’s natural resources.

Outwest is both proud and excited to grow this positive partnership with Eden Reforestation Projects. Everytime you shop or do business with Outwest this allows us to have a greater impact. If you would like to contribute or help restore more land in Ethiopia please send us an email directly to info@outwestclothing.ie

You can learn more about the Eden Reforestation Project here https://www.edenprojects.org/

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