Meet the Aistear Hoodie - Explore More Edition!

Meet the Aistear Hoodie - Explore More Edition!

Here at Outwest, we are mindful to keep care for the environment at the forefront of every decision that we make, when creating and placing orders for our products. This can be anything from sourcing the highest quality organic cotton, to using recycled polyester where a non-organic fabric is needed. We also make a conscious effort to have our production partners ship the garments to us via sea over air where possible.

So, when something goes wrong during production, we go to every length to make sure that the products aren’t discarded into landfill, even if that means taking double the stock that we had initially intended on. Our task becomes repurposing these products in a way that makes the most sense for our business, our production partners and the environment. 

This is how the Aistear Hoodie - Explore More Edition was born!

An error in production saw the back graphic on the first run of our original Aistear hoodie printed 10cm lower than it should have been, resulting in a significant empty space on the back of the garment. In most fashion brands this would mean a rejection of the order due to this issue, leaving our factory with only one option - to destroy the garments and send them to landfill. This was out of the question for Outwest. So with the help of Ciúin and our factory the Explore More graphic was created. This updated design transforms the original winter hoodie into a vibrant, summer-ready version.


Sometimes you don’t have to think outside the box but above it!!!

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