Outwest x New Wave Wild Project

Outwest Clothing is delighted to share the news of our new partnership with New Wave Wild Project. This is a project we have been working on for a while now and fundamentally it's something that is close to many of us. 

At Outwest we know the impact & power that nature has. Our company was founded on the Dingle Peninsula amongst the rolling hills, wild landscapes and the energy we get from living in a wild place.

To launch our new partnership with New Wave Wild Project we are holding an instore event on Friday April the 5th at 7pm. We will be selling some sample & marked stocked on the evening. All proceeds raised will be going directly to New Wave.

Here is a little bit of information about New Wave Wild Project & details about the amazing work that they do.

"At New Wave Wild Project we take therapy outdoors, delivering one to one and small group psychotherapy sessions using activities and experiences in the outdoors to help us engage with clients and to communicate and embody therapeutic processes. New Wave Wild Project is a not-for-profit adventure therapy service founded by Philip and Jasmin Stallard to remove barriers of access to evidence-based, person-centred, high impact therapy. 

We take an integrative therapeutic approach drawing on our collective training in CBT, social work, psychology, education and experiential learning approaches. Our sessions take place exclusively outdoors in natural blue and green spaces. Sessions are typically 4 hours and include a subtle, but intentional mixture of activity, calming, and reflection to guide the young person to engage with the process and to bring abstract concepts in therapy to life. We weave movement, sensory work, strategy, mindfulness, and reflective discussion into each session which helps to support connection and understanding. Over the course of a programme of adventure therapy work, young people develop their own ‘toolkit’ which they can reach for in daily life between and beyond their sessions with us, to support good mental health and self-care. 

We have been delivering adventure therapy programmes and interventions full time since 2018, each year adding to our training and developing our skills to ensure we can provide great therapy support to people who present with distressing and complex difficulties.  We are working to make creative therapy more accessible to young people and families who need it by removing some of the barriers. This year we are proudly supported by the team at Outwest with not only funding support, but increased awareness around adventure therapy and the future impact of high-quality interventions on families and communities around us"

Our mission is to devise and deliver creative therapeutic interventions to support young people to get outdoors and engage with effective therapy work."


We're thrilled to announce the launch of our limited edition Create A Wave Of Change t-shirt! 

This unique piece is designed to reflect the natural elements that are integral to both Outwest and New Wave Wild Project.

The t-shirt features the iconic Three Sisters of the Outwest logo alongside the dynamic cresting wave of the New Wave logo.

This collaboration aims to promote our shared values of sustainability and appreciation for nature, while raising much needed funds for the New Wave Wild Project. 

The t-shirts are €35 each and breakdown in price is as follows, with the charity getting €16.61 from each sale.

New Wave Wild Project gets: €16.61

Production Costs: €11.85

VAT: €6.54

Customer Pays: €35

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