Top tips for getting back into a routine!

Top tips for getting back into a routine!

September is almost over (where did that month go?) and most of us are sliding back into our busy, back-to-school and work routines! Although we don't want to wave goodbye to summer just yet, here are our five top tips for getting back into a routine and transitioning through the seasons...

1. Embrace the 5-9 adventure!

These golden hours can help kick off the start of your day on the right trajectory with some dedicated time for yourself. Set that early morning alarm and get out to catch that amazing sunrise. It doesn't have to be a hike on the highest mountain in Ireland, why not take an early dip (we highly recommend vitamin sea) or grab yourself an early morning run. And hey if you're not a morning person, try 5PM to 9PM instead. Grab a buddy and get moving!

2. Plan your day/week

Maybe you're not that outdoorsy? Keep it simple and mindful with some journaling over your morning coffee. Write down your checklist for the day. Plan your breakfast/lunch/dinner and prepare the night before. Fail to prepare, prepare to fail is what we always say. It can be tempting to lie in bed scrolling, but starting your day with a plan is the best way!

3. Eating right

The key to a good routine is good clean and regular eating. It's easy to let this drop during the summer when you are busy and active but September is a good month to reset and create better routines for yourself. Plan your meals ahead and prepare a packed lunch for the days you are out of home. If you're a parent you'll be doing this anyway for the kids so why leave yourself out? 

4. Dress for the weather

The weather can be slightly erratic this time of year. One minute there will be a forecast for a heat wave and the next it's a week of torrential downpours (but let's be real, it's probably the latter). So nailing the right clothing is key! Choose multiple, thinner layers when adapting to transitional weather. Our Irish Summer Long Sleeves are the perfect item for when it is too cold for a t-shirt but too warm for a jumper. A dilemma we get caught in a lot here in Ireland! Team with our insulated and water-repellent Outwest Gilet, and you have a year-round staple in your adventure wardrobe.

5. Get a good nights sleep!

Sleep is just as important as diet and exercise for our health. With the longer and brighter evenings over the summer months, your bedtime may have been pushed back an hour or two. Start to put in place healthy bedtime habits and ritualise your time before sleep. Put down the screen and instead grab a cup of herbal tea and read a chapter of a book, or stretch to some relaxing music. Get to bed earlier and get up earlier so you have a strong start to your day. 

6. Be kind to yourself

Creating a new routine and habits may take a while to become your new normal. After a long summer break try and not put too much pressure on yourself and take each day as it comes.

7. Get outdoors  

New routines are all about pushing yourself slightly out of your comfort zone and perhaps trying something new. Our Outdoor Outwest Club is a community of like-minded people, who want to immerse themselves in nature and the great outdoors. Every weekend we host varied events such as hikes, sea swims, running tours, e-bike tours, workshops and so much more. We love meeting new faces! Find out more info and sign up to the next Outdoor Outwest Club event here.

If you don't live local find something in your local area to join in with and hey, you might meet some new friends!

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